Wall Art display ideas

When it comes to hanging up wall art, and especially making holes in your walls, you want to make sure you get it right the first time round! It’s an delicate decision and one you don’t want to take lightly.

Whether you’re hanging up one large piece of art or multiple pieces, each print needs to find it’s own rightful place.

Tips on creating a picture perfect interior

First of all, the height: we often make the mistake of hanging up wall art too high. You want the center of your prints to be at eye level, so on average, about 1.60m from the ground.
If you’ve decided on a mixture of wall prints of all different sizes, but no bigger than 1.50m, we recommended leaving around 10cm between each one.
As for content, only you can decide! Whether its family snapshots, stunning scenery or a mixture of both, your wall art is yours to create, yours to hang and yours to admire.
Tip: Try visualizing the finished result before hammering in those nails!

Symmetric Style

Hanging your wall prints in a row is a classic wall art display. Large wall prints are usually displayed in the living room or front room. For max effect, we recommend hanging (in the centre of course!) your wall art above your couch, table and other large furniture. We don’t recommend placing a large wall art above a smaller piece of furniture.

You can display your artwork vertically or horizontally, as shown below. Tip: Portrait wall art creates the illusion of a higher ceiling, whereas landscape wall art widens the room.

For large prints, we recommend leaving a space of 40cm between the furniture below and the wall art.


Geometric Display

This type of wall art display consists of grouping together your prints inside a geometric shape. In the below example, we’ve grouped together 4 canvas prints, of different sizes, inside a ‘visual’ square.

An example of such wall art would be a family portrait for the large canvas, and 3 individual portraits in the smaller canvases.

Gallery of Assorted Frames

Perfect for a stairwell area, display a variety of sizes, frames and prints to create a stunning display.

Our range of framed prints is perfect for this type of wall art. Mix it up by choosing different colour frames, and portrait and landscape designs.

Get creative with your wall art arrangements and create your own personalised picture perfect interior.