Prepaid Pack / Credit

How does it work?

Prepaid packs / Credit let you buy now and personalise later, meaning you can benefit from fantastic discounts all year round. Once purchased, Prepaid Packs will remain valid from 7 days to up to 6 months, depending on the offer. The validity date is always specified at the time of purchase and is visible from your account.

Note: Your Prepaid Pack / Credit does not include the delivery costs of the items prepurchased.

Where can I get a Prepaid Pack?

You can order a Prepaid Pack via the specific promotional pages and instore boutiques, for example, the Christmas Shop.

Once you’ve paid for your order, you’ll find your Prepaid Pack in your account, under ‘My Prepaid Packs / Credit’.*

How do I use my Prepaid Pack?

Choose the product for which you bought a Prepaid Pack / Credit and personalise it.

Add it to your basket. Your Prepaid Pack will be automatically applied to your basket, so you’ll only have the delivery fee left to pay (and any options you might add).

N.B. For your Prepaid Pack to be automatically applied to your basket, the conditions need to meet those specified in the Prepaid Pack offer (Product, quantity …)

To receive the entirety of your Prepaid Pack, you need to indicate the correct quantity in your basket.

“For example: If you buy a Prepaid Pack for 2 calendars, and you wish to receive both at the same time, you need to choose 2 as the quantity in your basket”.


*Please note that the price proposed for prepaid packs and credits are always excluding delivery.