Our Photo Book Themes

Don’t hide away your photos on your computer or phone… print them on a personalised photobook!
Usually your photos are already stored by files: Mum’s 50th birthday, summer holidays in Greece, Laura & Paul’s Wedding… So when it comes to sharing these moments with friends and family that come to visit, there’s nothing nicer (and simpler!) than getting out your photobook and flicking through the memories!
Thanks to Planet-cards, creating a photobook has never been easier: upload your photos (which you can sort by file) and personalise with your photos and text.

Just choose a theme that suits your occasion: we have designs to celebrate weddings, christenings, birthday, holidays and more. If you’re creative, choose a plain design: you can change the background colour of all or selected pages!
Discover our various types of photobooks and browse by theme.


Photobooks are the perfect gift for your loved one : for Valentine’s, a birthday, an anniversary or just to say ‘I love you’ ; create a personalised photobook with photos of your moments and adventures together.


A classique theme, and obvious occasion to celebrate, our baby books are the perfect way to celebrate the arrival of a new baby. Created as a personal keepsake, or personalised gift, our baby photobooks designs with cute baby motifs will make everyone smile.
Capture those first precious baby memories with our range of photobooks.


Celebrate that unforgettable day with a custom photobook. Most weddings have a professional photographer attend, who will capture every special moment of your big day: bring together these photos in a perfect bound photobook. Our in-house design team has created wedding themed photobooks, so you can create gorgeous wedding book souvenirs.

Holidays & Travel

Share your travel stories with a personalised photobook. Photos are usually not something you’re short of during your holidays : whether it’s a moment between friends, a family trip, a romantic weekend away, or backpacking across Europe, photos are an integral part of any holiday. Share your beautiful photos with your friends and family and relive each moment with a photobook.

Les livres photo des vacances

Partagez vos vacances avec vos proches grâce à un livre photo, un vrai journal de bords mis en forme par vos soins. Vous pourrez commenter chaque photo, et y ajouter des illustrations afin de créer un livre agréable à regarder et se remémorer chaque instant.


The Baptism of your child is an important occasion – celebrate in style with a personalised photobook. Our range of designs with religious motifs and symbols are perfect as a gift for the parents or personalized keepsake.


Birthdays, New Year, Hen do’s… Any occasion is cause for a photobook! Print your happy memories on paper, in a perfect bound photobook, which you can look back on whenever you want. Our ‘Celebrations’ theme renews those emotions from your special occasion and can be shared with your loved ones.

Traditional designs

Discover our range of classic photobooks: simple yet effective, bring together your favourite photos in a personalised photobook.

Contemporary designs

Bold and stylish, our contemporary collection of photobooks celebrated any and all occasions. Print your best photos, with personalised captions, in bright and bold text for an eye-catching effect. Our designers keep up with the latest trends to bring you the must-have designs in photobooks.

Find our themes in our various formats:

  • Our minibook: a handy pocket photobook with 18 pages, size 8x10cm.
  • Our note book: 24 to 90 pages, size 15x21cm.
  • Our classic square: our most popular design, size 20x20cm.
  • Our A4 landscape: personalised hardcover & spine, 90 pages max, size 30x20cm.
  • Our A4 portrait: personalised hardcover & spine, 90 pages max, size 20x30cm.
  • Our premium square: personalised hardcover & spine, 90 pages max, size 30x30cm.
  • Our embossed gloss: new & luxurious, with 3D gloss on all photos, size 20x20cm.