A kid's bedroom is their own special place, so it's important to make it as unique and as personal as them.
At Planet-cards, we have a great range of personalised products, home decor and wall art to decorate a kid's bedroom.

Home décor

Discover our home decor and photo gifts range, and find the perfect objects and home deco for your kids bedroom. Personalise your objects with photos, colours and texts and creating matching decorations to animate your kids room.

Personalised cushions

Add a touch of charm and conformt to your kid's bedroom with photo cushions. We have a wide range of designs with photos or just text, that can be personalised to suit your interior. The cushions measure 40x40 cm, and can be customised on the front.

Photo panel

Our personalised photo panels are the ultimate in home decor. Frameless and modern, our photo panels will showcase your favourite photos and perfectly complement your kids bedroom decor.

Personalised money box

Kids love saving money (or spending money!) like grownups, so a personalised money box is a must have for any kids room! It's also the perfect way to educate your child on the value of money. A photo money box can be personalised with an inspirational photo, image or message to make it unique.

Personalised photo frame

Personalised photo frames are the perfect way to treasure your favourite photo! Easy to display, a personalised photo frame will add warmth and style to your kids space. They'll be able to look upon their favourite photos as they go to sleep...

Wall décor

Photo poster

Discover our wide range of posters! Including landscape posters and portrait posters. Photo posters are the perfect way to decorate any kids bedroom: with photos and text, fun saying and images, our posters are great value wall art.
Our posters are avaiable in different sizes:
40x30 cm - 60x40 cm - 80x60 cm - 120x80 cm
and printed on different materials:
Gloss poster paper - Magnetic paper - Restickable paper
Choose your style, size and material and make your poster your own!

Tryptich print

Unique and modern, triptych wall art is the ultimate home deco. Display either 3 photos or one single photo, cut across 3 panels. 120 x 80cm in size, a tryptich print will be the main feature of your kid's room.

Restickable stickers

Fun and completely unique, our Restickable stickers can be stuck and unstuck at your leisure! Thanks to a Yupo Tako paper (Tako meaning octobus in Japonese), your stickers stick to any surface thanks to their microsuction structure. No glue is used, so they'll leave no trace on your wall. Perfect for creative kids!
The stickers are printed by sets of 12, and measure 9x10cm each.

Framed print

Showcase your kids favourite photo(s) with a personalised print in an elegant frame. Our new Framed Prints are the perfect room deco. You can hang them on the bedroom wall, or by the bedside table.