How to create a personalised photo calendar

Choose your calendar format

Many different calendar formats exist and choosing the right one can be tricky. We propose 4 different calendar types: desk calendar, wall calendar, poster calendar, calendar board. You can choose your calendar here or, to help you make the right choice, feel free to consult the Planet-cards help page: How to choose the right calendar format?

Choosing the start month

Whilst habitually we create a calendar that runs across the civil year from January to December, with personalised photo calendars you also have the possibility of starting a calendar from the month of your choice. For this, all you need to do is choose a format, then a template model. Before clicking on the “Personalise” button, under the template of your choice, select the start month of your choice.

Adding photos and text

Now that you’ve chosen the start month for your photo calendar, click on the ‘Personalise’ button. You will be redirected to the online personalisation application, starting with the cover page of your calendar.

    Adding your photographs

    If you decide to import your photos, the uploading time can be long. So as not to waste any time and continue your personalisation, you can ‘hide’ the upload, which will continue in the background whilst you finish customising your product. You can follow your upload progress using the the button situated at the foot ‘photos” tab . You can of course import new photos at any time. To add photos to your design, simply click and slide the photo into your design.

    Adding your text

    You can simply add a text box by click on the 'T+ ADD TEXT' icon. You can choose the type, size and colour of your font, as well as the background colour of your text box.

    Our personalisation tools

    You can change the layout of your calendar page, by choose the number of photos you would like to add to your page. Once you've added your photos, you can click on the 'change my layout' icon and our tool will suggest a variety of layouts to suit your design. You can also change the background colour of your design, of each page or all pages.

A few tips

    Page modification

    As you change from one page to another, all the modifications made to the page that you have just left will have been automatically saved. Once you have finished personalising your product, click on ‘Save’ to generate a preview of your product.

    Page order

    You are able to personalise and modify any page as many times as you like before heading to check out, but you will not be able to change the page order of your calendar. To save time, think about the order of your pages before you being personalisation.

    Text legibility

    Check that the contrast between your text colour and your photo and calendar design is sufficient enough to be seen. For example, white text will not show up well against a pale pink background.

    Image quality

    Keep an eye out for the icon in the center of your browser page. If the exclamation mark appears, it means that your image will be pixelated during printing. Reduce the the size of your image/window, either by dezooming or by replacing your photo with a higher quality image.

    Product type

    Depending on the model, the number of pages in your calendar will vary. If you wish to place a photo across the middle of two pages, please note that the photo will be subject to binding and folding.