Home decor & Wall Art

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    13 April 2019
    Excellent and good prices
  • Kimberley
    16 March 2019

Décor & Wall Art

Each photo is a masterpiece just waiting to be printed and put on display for everyone to see. Planet-photo home decor and wall art make it possible for you to create beautiful objects to decorate your home, using your favourite photos. These photos can be snaps from your holidays, special occasions, family events or images that you have captured out and about, during your day to day life. There's something to suit the style of each house, making that house a home.

There are so many possibilities to choose from: canvas prints, triptych prints, posters, magnets, lamps, cushions, signs & photo frames. Each product is original in it's own right once personalised by you. Personalising a product is simple; choose the item you wish to purchase and upload and position your photo or photos. It couldn't be easier!
These products are not only great for decorating your own home. Take your interior designing skills to work. Why not deck out your office space with a personalised piece of wall art. Each of these home decoration items are also just fab for sending a personalised gift to someone special in your life. Perfect for celebrating birthdays, anniversaries, christmas, or even as a moving in present. A personal gift makes an occasion just that little bit more special, and shows just how much you care. Put a smile on someone's face today!