Family Fun with our canvas prints

Discover these fun and modern ways to showcase your favourite family portraits with personalised canvas prints.

A Family Photo Tree

To create the tree, all you’ll need is: an overhead projector, the image of the tree you like, a plastic sheet, a thin marker pen, a pencil, paint and a paintbrush!

The first step is to draw the outline of the tree on the plastic sheet with the marker pen, stick it to the lens and adjust the image. The overhead projector will project the image of the tree onto the wall, the size of which depends on the distance you put between the machine and your wall. You can choose the best dimension for your living space, and without deforming the tree.

You can then draw around the projected image on your wall.

This is of course, unless you’re a natural artist! Feel free to hand draw your tree directly onto your wall.

All that’s left to do is paint inside the lines!

Then, hang personalised your canvas prints with your favourite family portraits, including the family pets of course! And hang your canvas prints on your family tree.

Family is…

Create a wall art display that mixes photos and fonts. Print your family photos on canvas prints, and paint words, quotes or names alongside them.

If you don’t want to paint on your walls, you can hang up words made out of wood or cardboard for walls that truly stand out.

Finally, you can always use wall stickers!

Choose colours that are harmonious with your interior and add life to your walls with this fab decorating idea.